“Busting Myths, Homeschool Style” (Illinois Family Spotlight #254)

Producer’s note: I apologize for not apprising listeners that last week’s podcast (#253) would be one segment and not two. This podcast will have the same format, likewise the third part next week. David Smith, Rich Hartian and their daughters recorded this series of podcasts all at one time, thus the questionable ending last week.

Any homeschooler who’s had any homeschooling experience at all has heard myths about homeschooling. These include the “unsocialized homeschooler,” the homeschooler that has no extra-curricular opportunities, or that poor homeschooler who won’t be able to go to college. Here to utterly level these unfounded myths are David Smith, executive director of IFI and IFA, Richard Hartian, the chairman of the IFA board of directors and a few of their daughters. The daughters who join the show are Kenna Hartian and Jenna Smith, home school graduates, and Eliana Hartian, a home-high school senior. They also describe their outlook on life, especially as it appears the culture is growing worse and worse.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"Busting Myths, Homeschool Style" (Illinois Family Spotlight #254)