BONUS: Let No One Deceive You by Any Means

Recently, I gave the Sunday morning message at my church and since we captured the audio, I thought we could post it as a special addition for those who may be interested.

In this sermon, we examine 2 Thessalonians 2 and really dive into verse three in which Paul warns God’s people, “let no one deceive you by any means.” The ESV translates it as “let no one deceive you in any way.” The NASB translates it as “No one is to device you in any way!

Paul is warning us that before the end, before Jesus Christ returns to judge the world and to set things straight, there will be a great falling away, an apostasy.

It will be a deliberate abandonment of a former position, a defection, a rejection of a former alliance or truth.

How does this apply to us during these crazy days?  How can Christians heed this warning by Paul? Listen to this message and prayerfully consider the exhortations therein.


David E. Smith
IFA Executive Director

BONUS: Let No One Deceive You by Any Means