BONUS: Get ’em Out of Government Schools!

This past Saturday, Dave Smith was invited to join the Black & Right radio program on AM 560 The Answer. John Anthony and Rev. Ceasar LeFlore discuss the importance of getting children out of government indoctrination centers and the responsibilities of Christian parents and grandparents.

Government schools are not simply failing to educate students, they are corrupting them morally, spiritually, and, in some cases, harming them physically and mentally. Illinois lawmakers are making the situation worse by passing legislation to mandate LGBT history lessons, force “comprehensive” sex education on students as early as Pre-K, train teachers in Critical Race Theory and identity politics to filter down to the classrooms. Furthermore, they are establishing more “Freedom Schools,” which will create left-wing social justice activists, by promoting godlessness and other false religious values, teaching racism, climate alarmism, gender fluidity and other pseudo-science designed to turn children against God. They are even revising history to turn children against America, and more.

As if that isn’t enough, parents have to worry about sexual abuse, negative peer influence, bullying, violence and even mass shootings. The situation is out of control and children are at great risk.

Thank God we still have freedoms to pick and choose from a variety of educational options that will not only provide a good education for children, but also prepare them for life and service to God. Homeschooling, private schools, co-ops, online schools, and many other alternatives exist. We are here to help, but the decision to leave and embrace an alternative to government schools is entirely up to you. We believe that getting your children out of government schools will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life.

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BONUS: Get 'em Out of Government Schools!