BONUS: For His Mercy Endures Forever (Psalm 136)

I recently gave a Sunday morning message at my church, and since we captured the audio, I thought we could post it as a special addition for those who may be interested.

In this 40 minute sermon, we take a closer look at Psalm 136, in which we are repeatedly told that God’s “mercy endures forever.”

God’s mercy is a monumental theme in God’s Word. The English word appears some 341 times in the Bible. The four Hebrew and three Greek words associated with this term appear a total of 454 times and are also translated as “kindness,” “lovingkindness,” “goodness,” “favor,” “compassion,” and “pity.”

Psalm 136 is unique to all the Psalms in that it repeats the same stanza in every verse: “For His mercy endures forever.” Now you may remember being told that when the Bible repeats something, it is wise to pay attention.

I hope this message will encourage and bless you.

~Dave Smith

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BONUS: For His Mercy Endures Forever (Psalm 136)