SPOTLIGHT: Don’t Be a Lump of Human Dough

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

This episode of Illinois Family Spotlight features Reverend Ceasar LeFlore.

Reverend LeFlore is the director of Public School Exit , an IFI-affiliated organization dedicated to facilitating the exit of children from government schools. He is also the director of Good Soil Good Seed (GS2), a scholarship foundation designed to help children afford to attend Christian schools.

Reverend LeFlore has an event on April 18th, called “Saving Our Children for God.”  Attendance is free and the discussion will focus on the danger of Illinois government schools.

In this episode, Reverend LeFlore discusses his mission, which is to get children out of the public school system.

It’s in our best interest to rescue our children and save our children for God… We believe our children are created in the image of God… and so therefore, they belong to God.

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