Guyana’s President Dismantles BBC Reporter on Climate Hysteria

Written by Peter Heck

I’ll admit it. I have a glaring weakness when it comes to my patience with the Warmers – those climate change alarmists who stalk the sane with their litany of irrational doomsday prophecies.

Which is why this is so satisfying.

So satisfying to watch, but my favorite part had to be the calling out of the progressive West’s hypocrisy:

[T]his is a hypocrisy that exists in the world. The world, in the last 50 years has lost 65 percent of all its biodiversity. We have kept our biodiversity. Are you valuing it? Are you ready to pay for it? When is the developed world going to pay for it, or are you in their pockets?

Are you in the pockets of those who have damaged the environment? Are you in the pockets – Are you and your system in the pockets of those who destroy the environment through the industrial revolution and now lecturing us? Are you in their pockets? Are you paid by them?

The country of Guyana, along South America’s northern Caribbean coast has recently begun tapping into their own vast supply of oil. Since that’s a “dirty” fossil fuel, white progressive leftists aren’t happy and thus dispatch one of their own, BBC reporter Stephen Sackur to guilt their 43-year-old president, Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

I despise what the climate alarmists have done to our children – indoctrinating them through mindless, evidence-less, abject panic all to push an agenda intended to introduce themselves to profit, power, and preeminence.

I resent having to explain to my son that the American coastline is not endanger of being submerged, and that he won’t die when the Great Plains turns into a desert within his lifetime.

And I feel indignant, righteous anger at the contempt and arrogance they direct towards the poor – people in penurious, third world countries, that they prefer to see locked in grinding poverty than permit to industrialize and prosper.

They sit in air conditioned offices, using the world’s finest technologies, bankrolled by thieving thugocracies around the globe, manufacture manipulated statistics to support absurd conclusions intended not to save the world, but to enrich themselves.

After years of being lectured to, after decades of being shamed by the pomposity of global warmers, here’s to hoping the rational among us will follow President Ali’s lead in terminating this anti-prosperity, collectivist scam once and for all.

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