SPOTLIGHT: Putting a Smile on God’s Face

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Spotlight, Pastor Charles Moodie recounts the ministry of City Life Center, located in Englewood, Illinois.

Recently, City Life Center Church opened a pregnancy resource center for the community of Englewood.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a space for expectant mothers to receive prenatal care and support. The resource center, located in our church office, offers free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and other maternity resources.

Adjacent to our initiative to support families in the Southside Chicago community, the Pregnancy Resource Center aims to show love to mothers who need it most, providing childcare options for children ages 3 and under as well as basic infant necessities like strollers, diapers, and clothing.

The center offers parental advising and training for parents to develop their parental skills. We aim to be a haven for mothers and families who have limited access to pregnancy support.

Because of the ministry of City Life Center, mothers in Englewood are starting to choose life for their children.

This is an encouraging episode you don’t want to miss.

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