We Brought Hamas’ Ideology to Our Shores

Written by Daniel Horowitz

We brought this crap into our country … in untold numbers.

After 9/11, our government had a brilliant idea. As the mass migration from Islamic countries grew, coinciding with the rise of high-tech jihad, we responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by doubling and then tripling our intake from the most dangerous countries. Millions of Middle Eastern immigrants later, how many cells do we have in this country of people who share the demonic sentiments of those who murdered and raped hundreds of Israelis over the weekend in the Hamas invasion from Gaza?

During the 1990s I was always stunned watching videos of thousands of belligerent Islamists rampaging through the streets of Europe, not the Middle East, shouting “Death to Israel” every time there was a flare-up in Israel. Looking ominously across the pond, I was always thankful we didn’t have that problem in the United States. Then came 9/11, and we realized that for far too long, we had imported the problem to our shores.

The pro-Hamas rallies began to grow over time but were still relatively small. This weekend was different. We witnessed belligerent and often violent pro-Hamas rallies in many major cities with thousands of people, rivaling what we’ve seen in Europe in recent years.

Take a look at the size of this pro-Hamas march in Chicago, where the worst of humanity shouted “long live the intifada,” and recognize that we brought Gaza to our shores.

Major demonstrations also took place outside the White House, in New York CitySan FranciscoPhiladelphiaSeattle, and even a smaller town like Kirkland, Washington. There are many more reportedly planned for this week. In some places, such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and San Diego, pro-Israel demonstrators were assaulted.

These rallies are no longer composed of a handful of newly imported jihadist sympathizers together with a dozen leftist agitators with bullhorns. Some of them number in the thousands.

This part of the “war on terror” has been obfuscated by the media and government for two decades for a reason. They don’t want you to know we are issuing green cards to over 100,000 nationals of predominantly Muslim countries every year. I haven’t run the numbers in several years, but from 2001 through 2018, we have issued roughly 2.3 million green cards to nationals of predominantly Muslim countries. The United States brought in more just in a five-year period than the entire Muslim population of Belgium, which has become saturated with radical Islamic elements.

We never did this in all our history. Now, thanks to the diversity visa lottery and chain migration, these numbers are growing exponentially. This doesn’t include, by my estimate, roughly 150,000 foreign students we bring in from these countries to help sow even more pro-Hamas attitude on American campuses. In 2014, ABC news discovered that 58,000 foreign nationals had overstayed their student visas in particular, of which 6,000 represented a “heightened concern.” But it’s all good as long as it’s in the name of diversity.

Obviously, not everyone from these countries poses a threat or even shares the jihadist ideology, but far too many of them do. There’s a reason thousands of immigrants have taken to the streets to support the murder, torture, and rape of Israeli civilians, including at least four American citizens, and possibly dozens of Americans who are being held hostage.

In 2013, Pew Research Center published a poll surveying the sentiments of people in 39 Muslim countries, and the data were quite disturbing. In Afghanistan, for example, 61% said that Sharia should be imposed upon non-Muslim citizens, 39% believed suicide bombings can be justified, and 96% believed converting non-Muslims is a religious duty. We’ve brought in over 100,000 Afghans just since the Biden bugout in 2021. How much have those sentiments changed over the past decade? Curiously, Pew hasn’t published a follow-up.

Common sense dictates that when you bring in people gradually in small numbers, patriotic assimilation will kick in. But when you allow so many in so quickly, you wind up sharing the destiny of our brethren in Europe and other Western countries in decline. Math doesn’t lie. It’s impossible we are not importing the jihadist mentality in large numbers, and the street images validate our worst suspicions.

As we look portentously towards the situation in Israel, let’s not forget that Israel has strategically been the canary in the coal mine since biblical times. Suicide bombing and vehicular jihad may have begun there, but those practices were imported to the West thanks to suicidal policies. How many of these potential terrorists are already in our cities?

Oh, and that is just who we let in through the front door. What about the millions of mostly military-age males pouring over our border? Unlike with Gaza, terrorist don’t need paragliders to enter the United States. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security will escort them into our communities.

Sadly, thanks to a masochist governing class, Hamas and all of the threats it represents has been able to penetrate our country despite our vast oceans. No ocean can protect us from self-immolation. There will come a day when the Palestinian genocidal chant, “from the river to the sea,” that is echoing throughout our streets regarding Israel will refer to the seas of our border.

This article was originally published at The Blaze.