The Far Left’s Slander Machine

Written by David E. Smith

We’ve all heard the story of “the boy who cried wolf,” but perhaps the modern version should be about “the organization that cried hater.”

The far left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has forged a reputation as a nationally outspoken advocate against “hate groups.” Founded in 1971 and based in Montgomery, Alabama, the SPLC is no stranger to controversy.  The group has long been accused of targeting conservative and Christian organizations.

It litigates court cases, publishes national lists of “hateful” organizations, and raises millions of dollars in the name of fighting hate, injustice, and white supremacy. It has condemned organizations like the Family Research Council, Liberty Counsel, Illinois Family Institute,  Alliance Defending Freedom, Jihad Watch and even individuals like Rev. Franklin Graham. Unfortunately, many Americans and media outlets believe the SPLC when it labels organizations as a “hate group.”

What if the SPLC’s accusations are far from accurate? What if the SPLC was the real source of hate? What if the evidence demonstrates that over the past few decades these “hate” designations are based on a left-leaning worldview, partisan ideology, and woke emotions than on reality?

In this short video, libertarian activist John Stossel examines the SPLC’s twisted attacks on conservative values and organizations. He explains some of the devastating consequences the SPLC’s hate labels have had on innocent groups for simply standing for what they believe. And to top it off, he explores the SPLC’s suspicious handling of donations given in the name of civil rights.

Don’t miss Stossel’s insights into the truth about the SPLC in this 5 minute video. I think you will agree, he does a great job highlighting the erroneous claims of the SPLC!