SPOTLIGHT: Celebrating American Independence

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

In this episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, Monte Larrick interviews attorney David Shestokas, a former 2022 candidate for Illinois Attorney General. Mr. Shestokas is involved in the battle for election integrity, and is the author of two must-read books: Creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Soundbites.

In this episode, Shestokas emphasizes the important role that the Declaration of Independence currently plays in preserving American freedoms. He notes,

“What the Constitution is intended to do is to execute the ideals that are found in the Declaration of Independence… the Constitution itself is a pretty mechanical document, but the Declaration of Independence defines really what it means to be an American.”

David Shestokas goes on to cover a plethora of subjects including the public school system, crisis pregnancy centers, taxation, freedom of conscience, equality before the application of the law, voting and more.

This is an interview you will want to tune into. Listen to Illinois Family Spotlight Episode #360 anywhere you find podcasts or click the link below!

To check out Creating the Declaration of Independence, click HERE.

To check out Constitutional Soundbites, click HERE.