LGBTQ’s False Religion Paints in Rainbow Colors of Sexual Anarchy And Criminalization of Dissent

Written by Robert Knight

If nothing else comes of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ bizarre embrace of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, it is striking evidence that a false religion is out of control.

Virtually all major league sports teams and dozens of minor league teams have caved to the LGBTQ religionists. “Pride” events dominate June, formerly known for weddings and Father’s Day. Talk about cultural appropriation.

The Washington Post recently devoted an entire Religion page to two articles bashing “Christian nationalism.” Both were sourced from an atheist organization.

Signs of a new Dark Age are everywhere. When you see a rainbow flag draped over a cross in front of a “woke” Methodist church, it’s the equivalent of the Muslim practice of erecting mosques on the ruins of churches. The message is clear: This is captured ground.

Created in 1978 by artist and drag queen Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag is billed as a harmless symbol of love, tolerance and diversity. It is not. It heralds the rise of atheistic paganism in which adherents reject God and make up reality to satiate their desires. At its most extreme, it leads to persecution of noncelebrants.

Americans are a tolerant people. But we should realize by now that sexual deviance has become a club with which to clobber Christians and Jews and destroy First Amendment freedoms. The rainbow flag’s religion has two main goals: sexual anarchy and criminalization of dissent.

Target has introduced women’s swimsuits with a pouch built into the crotch. It is marketing pride T-shirts designed by an avowed satanist whose website has featured a “homophobe headrest” with a picture of a guillotine.

This past week, the Dodgers disinvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence after Catholic groups expressed outrage. The drag queens in nun outfits have obscene names, peddle hatred and revel in blasphemy. They even sexualize Jesus and Mary. They have no business being honored in a supposedly family-friendly major league baseball stadium.

After the LGBTQ lobby waved its pinkie finger, however, the Dodgers quickly folded and issued a craven apology and reinvitation. Score: LGBTQ activists 666, 4 million LA-area Catholics 0.

The Babylon Bee satirized the cave-in: “Dodgers Summon Satan To Throw Out First Pitch At Pride Night.”

The Bible teaches that everyone is a sinner — no exceptions — and that salvation comes through conviction of sin, then repentance and forgiveness. The most common symbol of Christianity is the cross. It’s a reminder of the greatest act of selfless love in history.

The rainbow flag, by contrast, signifies a false, self-focused faith. This religion repudiates the need for repentance and redemption. It holds that God does not exist or is indifferent to sin. A corollary is an idea that perhaps sin exists but that all sexual sin is somehow exempt and even laudatory.

Either way, this is not love. It’s unkind, not liberating, to suppress the truth about earthly and eternal consequences of unrepented sin and to deny hope for change.

This is why same-sex marriage is the opposite of the real thing. Created by God, marriage unites a man and a woman who vow to love and honor each other.

A same-sex ceremony borrows the trappings of marriage. And though the partners’ love may well be real, the unspoken vow is this: “I will never repent of my sinful behavior. And I will do everything in my power to keep you from repenting.”

This is why many Bible-believing Christians opt out of an LGBTQ wedding while continuing to love and pray for their friends and relatives. Wedding attendees are not merely witnesses; they are part of the ceremony, lending their spiritual assent to the union.

Just as Christians build churches and cathedrals, the LGBTQ religion has its own versions. Their “churches” once consisted mostly of bars and bathhouses. They now include campuses, baseball stadiums, U.S. embassies, public schools and “woke” churches that sport the rainbow flag.

Perhaps the most important LGBTQ cathedral is the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. A predatory sex addict, Alfred Kinsey was a high priest of the LGBTQ religion. His voluminous “studies” on male and female sexuality, compiled with fake research to suit his desired outcomes, are bibles of false faith.

Some good news is that Indiana lawmakers finally have defunded the Institute. The late Judith Reisman, who co-wrote “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud,” published in 1990, would be elated.

The more encouraging news is that Americans are letting corporations know they’re sick of “wokeness.” Bud Light’s parent company has lost $18.8 billion in market value, and sales of Bud Light are down by more than 23%, according to Fox News. Target’s market value has plunged by $9 billion so far.

Pushback is overdue and welcome, but something bigger is needed to save America.

Many find inspiration in God’s promise from 2 Chronicles 7:14, which says that if “My people” will “turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

A lesser-known verse is this, Jeremiah 18:8: “If that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it.”

May it be so.