SPOTLIGHT: The Black Conservative Summit in Illinois

Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

“Every Republican who lives in Illinois
who really wants to see the strength of the party grow

needs to be at the Black Conservative Summit. . .”
~Rev. Ceasar LeFlore (aka “Bishop of Truth”)

Dr. Eric Wallace, the founder and executive director of the Freedom Journal Institute, is hosting a very important event this month that every conservative should endeavor to attend. He is hosting The Black Conservative Summit on the weekend of March 24th & 25th at the Tinley Park Convention Center in the southwest suburbs. Freedom Journal Institute’s mission is to “advance the kingdom of God through social political education and engagement rooted in a biblical worldview.” Scripture calls believers to engage the culture with the truth. Dr. Wallace recognizes that the church, the natural family, and our democratic republic are under attack like never before.

“It is time to RISE and take a stand!” proclaims his website. You won’t want to miss this great event where they plan to discuss the Black Conservative Agenda: How to Fix Black America.

The reason for the Black Conservative Summit is because the conservative movement must reach beyond its base to the African American community if it is ever to regain its former influence. So, if you are of a pale complexion or have no color at all, fret not, you are still welcomed and encouraged to attend by leaders like Voddie Baucham Jr., Larry Elder, Lt. Col. Allen West and many more.

“. . .there is only one race, and that’s the human race. So if we all join together and we’re all there–especially if we fill this (summit) out–we’ll make a statement to the rest of the world that even though we’re talking about black conservatism, everyone can join in and support that. In our society, they’re trying to divide us by race. We’re using black conservatism to try and unite us.” ~Dr. Wallace

You will not want to miss this Illinois Family Spotlight

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This is a conference for people of all backgrounds who want to see Jesus Christ glorified and His principles lifted up. Please register now and join us to hear from amazing speakers and leaders and share good fellowship. You will certainly leave better informed and motivated.

Space is limited, so grab your tickets to the Black Conservative Summit now by clicking here.