SPOTLIGHT: Assisted Death Coming to Illinois?

Written by Jenna Smith

Nancy Valko is a registered nurse, legal consultant and a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses. Monte Larrick had the opportunity to speak with her at a Lake County Right To Life forum, where she keynoted and spoke on the dangers of saying nothing when it comes to medically assisted suicide.

“The problem is, if doctors themselves don’t take a position on the most important issue they have–the most important covenant they have with their patients, which is they will not kill them–what else is open?”

The lack of investigation/reporting done on this topic in states where euthanasia is legal is alarming. California and Oregon doctors “self-report” to the state and take care of multiple patients of other doctors who can’t, in good conscience, kill their client.

“Everything is stripped of oversight and transparency. . .and even worse, [in writing down] the cause of death, particularly in Oregon, they make the doctors put down some underlying condition rather than the real [cause] of assisted suicide.”

Listen to this week’s Spotlight to learn more about Nancy Valko and how assisted suicide is coming to Illinois.