Things You Should Consider When You Vote

Written David E. Smith

“The wicked shall be cast into hell and all the nations that forget God.”  (Ps. 9:17)

Our universe operates according to myriad laws, including invisible, non-material laws. Understanding how invisible laws, which would certainly include God’s moral code, operate is critically important. To disregard God’s moral laws is to invite disaster.

For the last sixty years, (perhaps) well-meaning leaders have told Christians that we ought not involve ourselves in politics and culture. But America was founded on the unique idea that “we the people” formed this government and that we determine the nation’s course. We disobey the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Romans 13 to “submit to the authority” of law if we are not personally involved in politics and culture. Elected “public servants” are to do our will–not vice versa.

We must carefully and prayerfully consider which candidates for office best uphold the principles and commands of God’s Word and vote for them.

Below are just a few important things to consider as you vote on Nov. 8:

1.) While members of both major parties hold troubling views and engage in foolish acts, the Democrat Party is now dominated by foolish leftists. Many people are not aware that the Communist Party USA has not fielded a candidate for many years and has, instead, endorsed Democrat presidential candidates–including Joe Biden. While some Republican politicians are on the wrong side of issues, in general Republican officials are the primary political obstacle to leftists.

2.) Many Democrat leaders are unabashedly socialist in their views, endorsing socialist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Antifa, as well as promoting critical race theory and other pernicious ideas. While local Democrat officials may say they are not socialists and do not support these leftist organizations, lower-level party officials form the scaffold upon which the state and national socialist Democrat officials stand. Barack Obama and Joe Biden would never have made it to the presidency without low-level, local Democrats supporting them.

3.) In 2012 the Democrat Party removed all references to God from their platform but after significant backlash put it to a vote at their national convention. While the majority voted to uphold the party leaders’ decision, they were overridden by the moderator who understood the political cost of appearing anti-God.

4.) The Democrat Party is 100 percent pro-abortion with no apologies. They demand abortion be available throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy and be paid for with taxpayer dollars in hardship cases. Some Democrats even demand the right to kill any baby who survives an abortion if his or her mother should choose death for her baby.

5.) The Democrat Party has many members who call for defunding the police.

6.) The Democrat Party was generally silent during the 2020 street riots.

7.) The Democrat Party favors a wide-open southern border.

8.) The Democrat Party has promoted amnesty in many forms for people who have entered the country illegally.

9.) The Democrat Party under Joe Biden has drastically cut back domestic production of gasoline, diesel and heating oil–driving up the costs of all goods. Inflation is the highest it has been in decades.

10.) The Democrat Party is anti-traditional Christian family, encouraging and promoting non-traditional, non-biblical, and dangerous lifestyles.

11.) Many Democrats–including Biden–support horrendous assaults on the hearts, minds, and bodies of children, including via government school sexuality propaganda, “drag queen story hours,” and puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone-doping, and bodily mutilation for gender-confused children.

12.) The Left began its attack on truth more than 60 years ago, promoting “situation ethics” and claiming absolute truth does not exist. Propagating these ideas enables leftists to lie with impunity, which is exactly what we hear coming from the mouths of leftist candidates: lies and more lies.