Help Us Uphold the Truth on #GivingTuesday

Today has become known as “Giving Tuesday,” a day when charities ask you to consider helping fund their worthwhile efforts.

Since 2010, Illinois Family Action (IFA) has been a bold voice for the sanctity of life, religious liberty, education choice and other family issues. Specifically, we’ve worked diligently in the political arena to help elect the best pro-family candidates for state and federal office. As a result, we’ve seen dozens of RINOs retired.

These core beliefs are some of the key building blocks behind what we do, but they aren’t just things we’ve decided on a whim. These building blocks are based on our Cornerstone, Jesus Christ. Everything that we advocate for is based on what is clearly laid out in the Word of God, and every decision we make is based on the core tenets of the Bible and is prayed over extensively.

IFA humbly asks you to consider donating to either IFA or our IFA-PAC (political action committee) to enable us to continue to do this work. Monthly contributors or “members,” giving donations both large and small, are key to our mission of electing good candidates and educating people on good government, rooted in Biblical Principles that will bring God’s blessing instead of God’s wrath upon our state of Illinois.

If you’d like to participate, more information may be found at the following links:

Click HERE to donate to IFA

Click HERE to donate to IFA-pac

Thank you for considering donating and please let us know how we may help YOU more fully participate in reforming our government at the local, (school board, library, etc.) and/or state level. We can help you advocate on issues, assist candidates with their campaigns or become a candidate yourself.

There is a lot of work to be done to advance the Truth here in Illinois and we welcome your participation in the process and your partnering with our ministry.

Thank you and God Bless You!


David E. Smith, Executive Director

Thank you for standing with us!