SPOTLIGHT: Scott Greene Has IFA’s Endorsement!

Written by Francis Perce

In this week’s episode of Illinois Family Spotlight, we introduce listeners to Mr. Scott Greene, a Republican candidate for Illinois House District 86. He is stepping up to challenge State Representative Larry Walsh Jr. (D-Joliet), the incumbent since 2012. Value voters are hoping to help Greene win the election and bring some trucker sense to the Capitol in Springfield. Knowing that faith, family, and freedom are on the line, he promises to try his best to represent his district.

Greene wants to empower everyone by removing liberal policies that threaten life and livelihood. Cheap energy, strong infrastructure, security, and the importance of the family are of highest concern. The entrenched Walsh, on the other hand, has openly supported government overreach, anti-life legislation, mandatory sex-education starting in kindergarten, and wretched economic policies that do not benefit or represent the people. Vote and support Greene, the Christian, conservative, and down-to-earth candidate! Find him at

Listen to the podcast to hear how Greene is running to hold the incumbent accountable to the voters of the district:

For even more information, check out this video interview with Scott Greene (pre-primary election) and two pastors from the IFI Board who regularly post great cultural commentaries and theological discussions on the Here I Stand podcast.

Francis Perce is a student at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho who plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate. In addition to HAM radio transmitting, he enjoys many outdoor activities, including  hunting, fishing, shooting, and hiking. He is particularly passionate about public speaking and have participated in the NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate League throughout high school.