SPOTLIGHT: Patricia Bonk Earns IFA’s Endorsement!

Written by Francis Perce

In this episode we interview Patricia Bonk, Republican Candidate for 30th House District. Patricia Bonk uses her unique experience as an ER nurse and firefighter to address important issues like public safety, abortion, property taxes, school reform, child protection, voting integrity, and Gov. Pritzker’s SB 1169. This bill diminishes the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act — specifically for COVID-19 remediation. In other words, the sponsors of this amendment intends to curtail the safeguard that existed in state law that allowed citizens to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Gov. Pritzker signed the bill into law late last year. It went into effect on June 1, 2022.

The IFA Board is thrilled to endorse Patricia Bonk, who speaks with passion and conviction on issues ranging from life, to medical freedom, to school choice. Giving voters an option for reform, she is challenging returning State Representative Will Davis (D-Chicago), who was first elected to the Illinois House in 2003. Listen to the podcast to hear how Rep. Davis supported several harmful bills and ignored voters; and is now being held accountable by Patricia Bonk!

Patricia Bonk wants to hear from you! Contact her HERE!