IFA’s Endorsements for the 2022 Illinois General Election

Written by David E. Smith

Early voting for the November 8th election starts later this week! We are praying for Christian voters in Illinois to come out in droves to cast their ballots in support of pro-life, pro-family candidates. We recommend you VOTE NO to the Amendment 1 referendum, the first question on your ballot. For more information on this question, click HERE  HERE or HERE.

The Illinois Family Action staff and board has compiled our endorsements for the 2022 General Election. That list of the best pro-life/pro-family candidates can be viewed below and are separated into federal and state categories. This post will be updated, so check back as more content is added.

Invisible Row

Illinois Governor

From his candidacy for the Illinois House, his promotion to the Illinois Senate, IFA has advised voters that Darren Bailey is the real deal. This is why Darren has received our hearty endorsement for the race of governor. Not once did he succumb to peer pressure, insults, or mockery, common tactics of the bipartisan combine, while serving in the Illinois General Assembly.

Conservatives of all stripes should be cheering, financially supporting, volunteering, and praying for Darren and his running mate Stephanie Trussell, a former radio talk show host. They unapologetically embrace the entire Republican platform and do so with bold wit and wisdom. Bailey and Trussell have been valiant voices for pro-life, pro-family issues. They are committed Christians who seeks to put Christ before and in everything they do.

It is time that we send a commonsense hardworking farmer and businessman to the governor’s mansion in Springfield. Bailey is a champion with a clear track record. Courageous. Bold. Determined. Honest. Trustworthy. Genuine. These words describe Darren Bailey.

Illinois General Assembly

Illinois State Senate Races:

State Senate Dist. 18 – Christine Shanahan McGovern

State Senate Dist. 21 – Kathleen Murray

State Senate Dist. 25 – Heather Brown

State Senate Dist. 27 – Bill Robertson

State Senate Dist. 31 – Adam Solano

State Senate Dist. 32 – Craig Wilcox

State Senate Dist. 36 – Mike Thoms

State Senate Dist. 40 – Phillip Nagel

State Senate Dist. 43 – Diane Harris

State Senate Dist. 45 – Andrew Chesney

State Senate Dist. 46 – Desi Anderson

State Senate Dist. 56 – Erica Conway Harriss

Illinois State House Races:

State Rep. Dist. 6 – Leonard Griffin

State Rep. Dist. 8 – Thomas Hurley

State Rep. Dist. 13 – Alper Turan

State Senate Dist. 15 – Mark Albers

State Rep. Dist. 18 – Charles Hutchinson

State Rep. Dist. 21 – Matthew Schultz

State Rep. Dist. 30 – Patricia Bonk

State Rep. Dist. 31 – Kenneth Yerkes

State Rep. Dist. 32 – Carl Kunz

State Rep. Dist. 35 – Herb Hebein

State Rep. Dist. 36 – David Sheppard

State Rep. Dist. 38 – Tom Toolis

State Rep. Dist. 44 – Patrick Brouillette

State Rep. Dist. 45 – Deanne Mazzochi

State Rep. Dist. 50 – Donald Walter

State Rep. Dist. 52 – Martin McLaughlin

State Rep. Dist. 53 – Jack Vrett

State Rep. Dist. 54 – Michele Hunter

State Rep. Dist. 58 – Mike Clark

State Rep. Dist. 61 – Peter Pettorini

State Rep. Dist. 64 – Tom Weber

State Rep. Dist. 65 – Dan Ugaste

State Rep. Dist. 66 – Connie Cain

State Rep. Dist. 69 – Joe Sosnowski

State Rep. Dist. 71 – Daniel Swanson

State Rep. Dist. 72 – Tom Martens

State Rep. Dist. 75 – Jed Davis

State Senate Dist. 76 – Jason Haskell

State Rep. Dist. 80 – Al Kuypers

State Rep. Dist. 85 – Chris Metcalfe

State Rep. Dist. 86 – Scott Greene

State Rep. Dist. 92 – Benjamin Watt

State Rep. Dist. 96 – Lisa Smith

State Rep. Dist. 97 – Michelle Smith

State Rep. Dist. 98 – Donna Russell

State Rep. Dist. 111 – Amy Elik

State Rep. Dist. 112 – Jennifer Korte

State Senate Dist. 113 – Ashley Hunsaker

State Rep. Dist. 114 – Kevin Schmidt

State Rep. Dist. 118 – Paul Jacobs

Illinois Constitutional Offices

Illinois Constitutional Offices

Supreme Court Dist. 2 – Mark Curran

Supreme Court Dist. 2 – Michael J. Burk

Secretary of State – Dan Brady

Treasurer – Tom Demmer

US Senate

At the top of the ticket is the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. We are delighted to endorse Kathy Salvi, a strong advocate for the sanctity of life, and a strong defender of religious liberty. She now faces Democrat incumbent Tammy Duckworth who must go. Duckworth has been a federal government employee for sixteen interminable years, and Illinois now ranks at the bottom of the barrel of states on virtually every measure. Duckworth is so extreme that she voted nay to the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in 2019.

How can any reasonable person oppose medical care for babies who survive abortion?

In 2017, President Donald Trump restricted all transgender individuals from working in the U.S. Armed Forces in “any capacity.” Of course most reasonable people understand that gender dysphoria is a mental illness that could very well disrupt unit cohesion. Duckworth, a military veteran who was injured in a helicopter crash opposed this move, calling it “discrimination.”

Then earlier this year, Duckworth and a group of 17 U.S. Senators introduced an official resolution to celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility in support of the transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming and gender-diverse communities around the world.

Federal Races:

U.S. Senator – Kathy Salvi

U.S. House Dist. 1 – Eric Carlson

U.S. House Dist. 2 – Thomas Lynch

U.S. House Dist. 4 – James Falakos

U.S. House Dist. 5 – Tommy Hanson

U.S. House Dist 6 – Keith Pekau

U.S. House Dist. 8 – Chris Dargis

U.S. House Dist. 9 – Max Rice

U.S. House Dist. 13 – Regan Deering

U.S. House Dist. 15 – Mary Miller

The following candidates fell short of earning an IFA endorsement in this election cycle, however, the board of directors has decided to recommend them to voters in these districts:


U.S. House Dist. 3 – Justin Burau

U.S. House Dist. 16 – Darin LaHood

Prior to going to the polls, make sure you know where your candidates stand on issues important to people of faith by checking out IFI’s voting resources, which includes the IFI Voter Guide for the General Election. Haga clic AQUÍ para descargar la Guía para votantes de las elecciones generales de 2022 de IFI.