Help Us Expose Democrat’s Abortion Extremism

Written by David E. Smith

If you are like me, you’re beyond frustrated hearing abortion cheerleaders in Illinois call pro-life candidates (and activists by extension) “extreme” because of the view that all human life is sacred and should not be gruesomely “terminated” and callously disposed of at will and for convenience sake.

If you are like me, you talk back to the radio, television or computer screen when you hear JB Pritzker claim that abortion is “health care,” or that Darren Bailey is a disqualified leader for pointing out the fact that millions of babies have been destroyed in the name of “choice.” The human carnage is worse than the holocaust.

If you are like me, you are disgusted with the deceptive media who refuse to do their due diligence in reporting the ugly “pro-choice” truth.

If you are like me, you want the entire state and nation to understand the leftwing radicalism of JB Pritzker and his Illinois Democrats.

If you are like me, you want to push back and tell the other side of the story.

  • Illinois Democrats voted to legalize abortion up to the very day of birth.
  • Illinois Democrats voted to usurp parental rights by repealing the Parental Notice of Abortion Act.
  • Illinois Democrats passed legislation to teach sex education starting in kindergarten. (Yes, this is directly connected with Big Abortion.)


We’ve been trying to raise funds to run a strong Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) campaign for the November 8th election. We’ve unfortunately fallen well short of our goals.

We cannot remember a time when we’ve had so many
God-fearing men and women running for state and federal office.

The time is right… Please help us help them!

We need you to help us get this message out far and wide through digital ads like the video we recently produced below. Regardless of party affiliation, most voters in Illinois do not approve of late-term abortion or taxpayer-funded abortion, but far too many do not realize that JB Pritzker and Illinois Democrats have passed legislation that allow abortion anytime, for any reason, and at any gestational age. And we foot the bill. The Left even carry signs proclaiming: “Abortion On Demand & Without Apology” in parades and political rallies. We must let our friends and neighbors know how fanatical their agenda has become over the past decade or so.

Democrats have passed legislation that allow abortion anytime, for any reason, and at any gestational age. And we foot the bill.

Illinois Family Action is ready and willing to expose the far Left’s lies, bloodlust and attempts to corrupt our children with inappropriate and immoral lessons. We will only be able to do that with the resources we have on hand, and we are limited without your financial help. We want to reach much farther and much wider. Voters do not like their abortion extremism!

Will you commit to a gift today to help us expose the
leftwing extremism of JB Pritzker and the Illinois Democrats?

Donations to IFA are not tax deductible.

Your generous contribution will help IFA expose the far Left for the subversives they are. We have 52 days until the General Election, and early voting starts next week and runs for 6 weeks. (UGH!)

Our GOTV efforts desperately need your support now.

Thank you in advance for standing with us for faith, family, and freedom.

Donations to IFA are not tax deductible.