Biden’s Transgender Ideology Mandate in Schools

Written by Rev Gregory Quinlan

Here is another serious threat to America’s children and families. Redefining sex redefines marriage and redefines the family with far-reaching, reverberating, catastrophic consequences for America, but especially for our children, and in particular, girls.

Title IX was originally designed to provide girls and women with equal access to sports and other opportunities. It regulates every public K-12 school, college and university in the nation, prohibiting discrimination “on the basis of sex.”

Title IX not only impacts tens of millions of children and parents in public school systems, but it is used to support other policies.

The proposed change will erase the definition of biological sex and replace it with gender identity, resulting in devastating effects on parental rights, children’s well-being, First Amendment rights, and girls’ privacy, safety and sports opportunities.

If enacted, the proposed change to Title IX will:

  • Create a new category of “sex discrimination” based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Promote transgender ideology in our schools as mandated policy, encouraging students to believe that they can be “born in the wrong body.”
  • Make using a child’s given name and biologically accurate pronouns instead of a preferred name and pronouns “harassment.”
  • Normalize harmful interventions that result in the sterilization of children.
  • Undermine parental rights by mandating schools accept a child’s claimed gender identity.
  • Threaten religious freedom by requiring teachers and staff to embrace transgender ideology.
  • Violate students’ and teachers’ First Amendment rights to speak freely and treat others in a manner that is biologically accurate.
  • Give Title IX Coordinators sweeping new authority to enforce the proposed mandates.

Take ACTION: Please click HERE to submit a public comment on the proposed change! The deadline to submit comments is September 12, 2022.

Rev. Gregory Quinlan is the founder and president of The Center for Garden State Families. Greg left the homosexual lifestyle in 1992. Greg was a gay activist for 10 years lobbying in Washington DC & Ohio for the homosexual agenda. Today he is a minister and has been passionately debating the gay and anti-family and traditional marriage in 27 states including the district of Columbia.