SPOTLIGHT: Judge John Noverini — Contending for Court

Written by Jenna Smith

Since 1964 – 58 years ago – the Illinois Supreme Court has been controlled by justices put forth by the Democratic Party. Currently serving as a Circuit Court Trial Judge (16th circuit/Kane Co.), Judge John Noverini believes it’s well past time for that imbalance to change. We are pleased to welcome Judge Noverini, a candidate for Illinois Supreme Court Justice from the second judicial district, a district that was recently gerrymandered by the Democrat-majority legislature, to this edition of Spotlight.

As a self-identified “non-establishment, independent, grassroots conservative,” Judge Noverini shares with Dave Smith and Monte Larrick why his conservative values and fourteen years of judicial experience are needed on our state’s highest court. Judge Noverini also details the qualities of a good judge (regardless of party affiliation), discusses judicial activism, defines the practice of “packing the court,” and touches on top issues facing the court.

Judge Noverini rightly believes that judges don’t make laws, they uphold them. Learn more about his candidacy at