Most Open Borders POTUS Has Worse Approval Among Hispanics Than Whites

Written by Daniel Horowitz

It was the blood-letting ritual equivalent of electoral politics. After each election, every GOP consultant for two generations lectured in hushed tones about the need to support some form of amnesty for illegal aliens in order to attract the Hispanic vote. We are suffering from an invasion to this day because of this maniacally false read of the American electorate, which induced Republicans to refrain from shutting down illegal immigration when they were in power. Well, Biden’s presidency has laid waste to this entire narrative which Republicans stupidly adhered to forever.

Following the GOP loss of the presidential election in 2012, the RNC wrote a 100-page “autopsy” report attempting to reconstruct the cause of the party’s loss in that year’s election cycle. Among the many pearls of wisdom was an immortal warning that “we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform,” which is swamp-speak for amnesty, otherwise “our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only.”

Dick Armey, the GOP House majority leader in the 1990s, was quoted in the autopsy as saying, “You can’t call someone ugly and expect them to go to the prom with you.”

Well, following that line of thinking, that open borders are the love language of Hispanic voters, Joe Biden’s Democrat Party has been telling them they are the most beautiful people of all time, begging them out to the prom. The response from Hispanic voters? Open borders can’t buy you love.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Biden has a dangerously negative 33% – 55% job approval rating among Americans. But that’s not the headline number we should focus on. The man who opened the doors to millions of illegal aliens from Latin America and essentially suspended ICE’s operations has garnered just 24% approval among Hispanics, lower than the 32% approval he commands among whites!

This is simply an unprecedented and astounding political transformation for any Democrat to have less support among Hispanics than among whites, especially when his approval is quite dismal among whites as well. Only 11% of Hispanics “strongly” approve of Biden, again, an astounding finding, given that we were told open borders are the key to their hearts. Even more stunning is the fact that when asked which party they would vote for in the midterm elections, slightly more Hispanics chose the Republican Party!

Even the open border GOP consultants of yesteryear only contended that supporting open borders was merely a way to minimize the losses among Hispanics. Yet with Republicans speaking out stronger than ever against illegal immigration and Democrats inviting them more than ever, these voters are practically moving over to the Republican Party.

Take Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for example, who has been consistently stronger on the issue than Trump. He has constantly called for blocking illegal aliens from the state and punishing those who employ them. Yet even as a Republican governor, polls have shown him above water with Hispanic voters.

One Washington Post columnist warned after Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, “Donald Trump’s ‘Mexican rapists’ rhetoric will keep the Republican Party out of the White House.” Well, it looks like it is open borders Biden who will keep Democrats out of the White House, particularly as it relates to the Hispanic vote.

Thus, any honest autopsy of GOP failures would note that not only is the open borders agenda a disaster for our country, the “Hispandering” of that agenda simply does not elicit love among Hispanic voters. Pandering never works. Voters of all backgrounds want strong leadership on the fundamental issues that affect their lives, not symbolic checkboxes that white liberals artificially draft for them.

More broadly, we see how unpopular Joe Biden and the Democrats are as they are starring down the barrel of historic losses during the midterms. As such, why can’t we actually enjoy a party that boldly and aggressively counters them on every policy?

For years, Republicans allowed themselves to be lied to about the politics of immigration. In recent years, they were convinced that being soft on crime would endear them to black voters. They have been brainwashed into abandoning the fight against licentious sexual values. They refuse to take a bold stance on COVID fascism for fear of appearing to be “anti-vax.” They refuse to fight back against the Jan. 6 political persecution because they don’t want to be labeled “insurrectionists.”

In other words, Republicans are consistently being run over by a parked car. They fear a scarecrow. Voters are clamoring for a strong alternative on every hot button issue, but it is precisely those issues Republicans avoid at all costs or which they downright cater to Democrat premises and policies.

For example, Republicans should embrace a budget battle precisely before the election with this deeply unpopular president. They should craft their own budget bill, cutting funding for all vaccines, banning mask and shot mandates (especially in the military), defunding the Jan. 6 persecutions, thwarting Biden’s restrictions on energy exploration and production, and blocking any resettling or dumping of illegal aliens into the interior of the country. Then they should refuse to supply the votes in the Senate for cloture in order to pass the Democrat budget unless some of those items are included. Now is precisely the time to pick a fight, these are the issues that matter, and this is the president with which to engage such a battle.

If they fail to fight for us now, they sure won’t do so after the election. Biden will still be president and Mitch McConnell will fear a government shutdown even more, so will eschew any brinkmanship over budgets or “must-pass” legislation. We’ll be dead by the term of the next president in 2025, and even then, we still won’t have a trifecta governance with 60 votes in the Senate.

How much longer will we allow Republicans to turn winning issues of the upmost importance into losing battles?

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of TheBlaze and host of the Conservative Review podcast. He writes on the most decisive battleground issues of our times, including the theft of American sovereignty through illegal immigration, the theft of American liberty through tyranny, and the theft of American law and order through criminal justice “reform.”