Li Arellano Earns IFA’s Endorsement!

IFA Staff Reports

We have been a fan of Liandro “Li” Arellano for some time now. We supported him 10 years ago in a razor-thin primary loss when he ran for state representative against the Republican establishment pick. We watched this small businessman bounce back in just a couple years as he ran for and became the Mayor of Dixon, Illinois. He has worked hard to try and turn around his home town which has been rocked by a scandal in which a City of Dixon Comptroller stole more than $50 million from the city to fuel her gambling addictions and lavish lifestyle.

Mayor Arellano turned the City of Dixon around with transparency, integrity and a pro-business approach. He knows business, running two successful Jimmy John’s franchises and a Frozen Yogurt shop. A family man, Li and Jamie raise their young children with the values instilled by his Baptist Pastor father Liandro Arellano, Sr., a highly respected local clergy member.

Arellano is also a patriot, serving as a deployed Army Veteran to Iraq, and currently as an Army Reservist. He is approaching 19 years of dedicated military service.

He is staunchly pro-life, pro-education choice, pro-taxpayer and pro-Second Amendment. He opposes the teaching of CRT, biological boys playing girls’ sports, and the legislative mandate for “comprehensive” sex education in public elementary schools.

As the state’s only full time Christian pro-life/pro-family organization, Illinois Family Action is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office:

The new 74th District includes most of Lee, Whiteside and Ogle counties. Teacher union cheerleaders like Jim Durkin and Tony McCombie have recruited 22-year old vastly inexperienced Bradley Fritts. His highest claim to fame is a family name that has won elections to Judge and Treasurer. But he really lacks real-world business skills, the life experience of marriage and raising kids, having held elective office and actually gotten things done. A vote for Fritts will provide moderate Jim Durkin, an Irvin backer, a ‘yes man’ in the caucus for soft views. Respected conservatives Senators Win Stoller and Tim Bivins agree. Arellano is the clear conservative.

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Illinois and the 74th District deserve a strong representative in the General Assembly in Springfield, the kind that Arellano offers in this race. His experiences as a father, a veteran, a businessman, and mayor gives him the ability to evaluate issues and make decisions on behalf of the voters of the district and the state.

Illinois Family Action is pleased to endorse Liandro “Li” Arellano for Illinois House District 74.