Dennis Tipsword Earns IFA’s Endorsement!

IFA Staff Reports

We were very impressed with his presentation and the question and answer session with Woodford County Chief Deputy Sheriff Dennis Tipsword, Jr.  Not only does he have 27 years of law enforcement background, with a specialty in drug interdiction, he owns three small businesses, including an ammunitions machine shop.

Dennis is passionate on the right to life, ethics in government, responsible spending, and preserving Second Amendment rights to protect our families. His experience as a police officer also informs his opposition to the expanded “comprehensive” sex education mandate which, in our opinion, is nothing more than grooming innocent and vulnerable children for early sexual activity. He supports school choice, including making Invest in Kids a permanent and expanded program, and adding no new regulations to our homeschooling families.

He fully understands why legalized so-called “recreational” marijuana is a bad deal for Illinois families.

As the state’s only full time Christian pro-life/pro-family organization, Illinois Family Action is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office:

Being a career police professional, rather than a career bureaucrat, politician, or lawyer, gives him a unique perspective to fight for public safety, especially with the need for more law enforcement on our school grounds with unique security tactics and strategies.

This article and this video segment from a Peoria area news source did a nice job summarizing his views, including:

  • Opposition to the SAFE-T Act passed by Illinois Democrats last January and signed into law by Gov. Pritzker
  • Advocate for police officers
  • Opposition to overregulation of business
  • Advocate for small business

This is a four-way race. The Durkin/Irvin establishment wants life time government worker Kyle Ham. He would be a rubber stamp for leadership and bring a more moderate outlook to the issues. Tipsword is the best of three conservatives running against Ham.

The new district includes parts of the following counties: Lasalle, Putnam, Woodford, Bureau, Tazewell, Livingston, McLean, Marshall, and Peoria.

We found Tipsword very refreshing. A first-time candidate, he is not jaded by the wheeling and dealing of government workers who run for political slots. Moreover, it would be nice to have an experienced law enforcement officer in the General Assembly.

Illinois Family Action is pleased to endorse Dennis Tipsword, Jr. for Illinois House District 105.