Conservative Christian Candidate Running for Stephenson County Clerk

Written by IFA Staff

Conservative Christian Jennifer Alber Blakely, lifelong resident of Stephenson County, is a candidate for Stephenson County Clerk, a position to be vacated by retiring Vici Otte.

Blakely is 39 years-old and owns a local business and has a small farm raising beef cattle. She and her husband are raising five children in rural Stephenson County and are members of the Stephenson County Farm Bureau.

Blakely has fifteen years clerical and office managerial experience, supervises nine employees, is a former insurance agent, handles payroll, tax preparation, accounts payable and accounts receivable, and is skilled in customer relations. Blakely presents a strong and well-balanced resumé and is  prepared to step into the County Clerk position.

Blakely plans to implement the “From Classroom to Polling Room” program. The proposed plan calls for establishing a voter education program for all high school students to help them register to vote. The students will be informed about absentee voting, mail-in voting, in-person voting, as well as locations of their polling places. Besides reaching out to help educate the high school students, Blakely will also continue verifying voter rolls and diligently monitoring election integrity.

Blakely’s opponent is 22 year old Jazmin Wingert, a recent college graduate, who has worked for Nebraska-based Union Pacific Corporation for approximately one year. Wingert currently works remotely from her family home in Stephenson County.

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