Anni Cyrus Interviews Two Important Candidates in Illinois

Written by Paul Hurst

Anni Cyrus is the Founder of Live Up To Freedom, a grassroots group of international human rights activists focused on protecting and promoting the principles of freedom and equality outlined in the United States Constitution and the civil and human rights of all American citizens and legal residents, regardless of race, creed, religion, or political affiliation.

She is a friend and frequent speaker at Illinois Family Institute events with one of her event videos reaching over 1.3 million views.

Recently she interviewed two of IFA’s endorsed candidates running for the Republican nomination in the primary election taking place Tuesday, June 28th. In the first video posted below, Anni interviews James Marter, who is running for Illinois Congress in the 14th District.

James is a known quantity among grassroots conservatives, and an active member of the Illinois Conservative Union. In fact, he is a reliable activist who regularly attends pro-life events like the March for Life Chicago and SpeakOut Illinois. When iGOLD gathers for their annual lobby day in Springfield, James Marter is among the thousands demonstrating for our 2nd Amendment rights. When IFI hosts its annual banquet, James and his wife are usually in attendance. And he has the support of all the ACT for America chapter leaders.

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Anni also interviewed our friend David Shestokas, who is running for Illinois Attorney General. We’ve known Dave for many years. We share his passion for the rule of law, our Founding Fathers and founding documents, and especially for God’s gift of freedom and self-government. His campaign slogan “Make Crime Illegal Again” resonates loudly with many concerned citizens in our crime-saturated culture. As the state’s only full time Christian pro-life/pro-family organization, Illinois Family Action is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office.

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