Travis Weaver Earns IFA’s Pro-Family Endorsement

Written by IFA Staff

We were very impressed with the energy, conservative values, and the leadership Travis Weaver, running for Illinois State Representative in District 93, showed at our interview session. His record of accomplishment and community involvement, at just 29 years old, gives us great encouragement for the future.

As the state’s only full time Christian pro-life/pro-family organization, Illinois Family Action is proud to endorse the following candidates running for office:

Travis Weaver makes his positions very clear, both spoken, and in writing to his potential constituents. “I have been 100 percent pro-life, every day of my life.” His opponent, incumbent Rep. Mark Luft, would not even fill out pro-life surveys in the 2020 election cycle. Weaver is the son of former Illinois State Senator Chuck Weaver, who was a champion in the legislature of pro-life and pro-family policies.

On taxes and the economy, Weaver says, “For the first time since the early 1800’s, Illinois lost net population in the last census. High taxes and unfriendly business climate have driven far too many people and employers to leave our state.  I will be a relentless advocate for lower spending. Every dollar spent is a dollar taxed, sooner or later. If it’s ‘later’ that is paid by taxes but with interest added to it.”

His literature goes on to state: ‘Travis will draw upon his MBA degree, seven years of executive experience at Caterpillar, and involvement in five regional start-up businesses to zero in on canceling non-essential state spending so we can finally get relief from being one the highest taxed states in the nation. ”

On some critically important issues:

Education Choice

Weaver supports parental rights in education and notes that schools with the highest levels of parental involvement have the highest achievement levels. He supports local control. He opposes sex education starting in Kindergarten. He opposes introducing Critical Race Theory or other means of ideologically indoctrinating children.

Moreover, Travis is 100 percent committed to the principle of school choice and to programs to make the Invest In Kids Act permanent, for example Rep. Amy Grant’s legislative proposal HB 4076, which was introduced in 2021 and has strong bi-partisan support. Unfortunately, Illinois House Democratic Leaders have bottled it up in committee, and it has not even had a hearing yet.

If passed, this legislation would help provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunity scholarships. Rep. Luft was one of the few Republicans who would not co-sponsor this important legislation in 2021. On 5/12/21 Rep. Luft co-sponsored the bill, then, that same day, withdrew sponsorship. The bill currently is at 59 co-sponsors, one short of potential passage on sponsors alone. He and other Republicans who work closely with the Teacher Unions, and accept their campaign cash, must have received word that they could not back this bill that put parents and children ahead of union bosses.


Weaver fiercely opposes catch and release policies passed by the General Assembly and gleefully signed into law by J.B Pritzker. Their criminal justice bill called the Safe-T Act, defunded the police by placing massive new mandates on them without any money to pay for it.  It was a backdoor approach to defunding the police. This has negatively affected local law enforcement and caused numerous seasoned officers and deputies to leave their jobs. “We need to repeal that bill and help law enforcement with the tools they need to keep the public safe,” Weaver concluded.

Election Integrity

To preserve our democracy and have faith in the outcomes of elections, election authorities need to follow the letter election statutory law. Here is a concrete example from an election only a year ago, where the Peoria Election Commission willfully disobeyed statutory election law requirements:

In the 2021 municipal elections, the Peoria Election Commission refused to follow statutory law. First. by refusing placing mail-in ballots received in container envelopes with tamper-proof seals. Secondly, to count hundreds of ballots on the night of the election as specifically required by law, instead of unlawfully keeping hundreds of ballots for two more days after the election until they were counted.  These included ballots received in the mail at the Election Commission on Election Day, along with ballots placed in the drop box at Election Commission headquarters and retrieved at 7 pm on the night of the election. This left hundreds of ballots unsecured according to statute for two additional days. A 73 vote win for the conservative candidate ended up being turned into a 41 vote win for the liberal.

Non-citizens should never be allowed to vote. We can’t vote in other countries’ elections and their citizens should never be allowed to vote in American elections. That’s what nationhood and being a citizen is all about.

Most of all we need mandatory Voter ID laws. Government issued ID is required to open a bank account, see a doctor for the first time,  and even to enter into Democrat National Conventions. But not to verify who is voting. That has got to change.

Weaver’s Background

While Travis Weaver has a business background and approach, Rep. Luft is the only Republican in the Illinois General Assembly with endorsement from the liberal AFL-CIO.

The choice is clear for conservatives in this contest. Travis Weaver for District 93. This conservative, mostly rural, district in west central Illinois can be viewed on the attached map. “As I looked at this district, as many folks know, every 10 years they do a census. Based on the census, they redraw the maps. This newly-drawn map is a strong, conservative map. It’s largely an ag-based map. When I look at myself, lifelong conservative, born and raised as a farm kid, former FFA President,” Weaver said in an interview with WMBD. “I feel really good representing it. As I talk to folks out on the campaign trail, I find a lot of similarities. In a lot of ways, we’re cut from the same cloth. I just feel really good representing it because I have a similar background as the folks that are in it.”

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