SPOTLIGHT: The Lecture of the Four by Dr. Piper

Written by Jenna Smith

“Falsehood is false, even if everyone believes it,
and truth is true even if no one believes it.
Truth is true and that’s just the end of it.”
~Os Guinness

During this edition of Spotlight, we present a timely message on truth from Dr. Everett Piper’s keynote address at IFI’s 2022 Worldview Conference. You will definitely want to follow along as Dr. Piper superbly explicates the four pillars of a Christian worldview: the primacy of Jesus Christ, the priority of Scripture, the pursuit of truth, and the practice of wisdom. In the second half of the podcast, Dr. Piper calls Christians to be men and women of integrity, integrationists, and people who live their lives in light of the reality that truth matters.

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Dr. Everett Piper served as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University for seventeen years. Currently, he is a contributing columnist for the Washington Times, podcast host, frequent guest on radio and television programs across the nation, and a best-selling author. His most recent books are Not a Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth and Grow Up!: Life Isn’t Safe, but It’s Good.

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