SPOTLIGHT: Pastor Ceasar LeFlore on Rescuing Our Children

Written by Jenna Smith

Imagine this scene: an adult family member is watching your child while you run a quick errand. Upon returning home, you discover your house is on fire. Smoke is billowing, flames are dancing on the roof, and the face of your helpless child is pressed to the window of his second-floor bedroom. What do you do? I imagine most of us would unhesitatingly rush in to rescue our child. Rev. Ceasar LeFlore says this is the fate of public school students throughout our state and nation. As the flames of indoctrination consume government schools, our children are trapped and we, their parents, are the only ones who can save them.

In this address at the recent Pro-Life, Pro-Family Coalition Conference in Orland Park, Pastor LeFlore encourages parents to rescue their children from the secular and sinful indoctrination of public schools, and instead bless them with the strong discipleship and academic excellence found in home schools, co-ops, and Christian schools. Additionally, Pastor LeFlore discusses the various entities that are working to undermine Christianity/faith, freedom, and parental authority; the subversive and dangerous Agenda 21; and the pornographic, absolute evil that is Comprehensive Sex Education. He concludes with an overview of home school options and a final exhortation to parents.

Please set aside 30 minutes to listen to this week’s podcast. Listen during your commute, or when you doing chores:

Pastor Ceasar LeFlore is the Field Director of the Public School Exit Initiative at Illinois Family Institute.

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