SPOTLIGHT: Let’s Send Felicity Joy Solomon to Springfield!

Written by IFI Staff

Springfield has often been called a “political cesspool.” Our liberal legislators make sure there is an ample supply of sewage, i.e., progressive policy, to permeate our state – it truly is sickening. But there is hope! Felicity Joy Solomon, an enthusiastic candidate for State Senator from the 49th District, wants to effect change, make common sense the order of the day, and lead from the front.

In her refreshingly candid conversation with David Smith and Monte Larrick, Solomon explains why she decided to run for public office and why Christians must not only be involved, but also leaders in the political process – speaking with authority and willing to be used by God. Solomon also addresses personal integrity and voter integrity, as well as her commitment to focus on what matters by being “best, not first.” Listen and share this week’s podcast!

Felicity has been a life coach and talk show host for fifteen years. She is a committed Christian who has served her community in Celebrate Recovery, local evangelism, and ministering in her local church. On her campaign website you will learn that she is unapologetically pro-life, that she opposes the teaching of CRT, and supports education choice.

She currently hosts two podcasts, Black. Conservative. Female. and Simply Felicity which can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Roku. Felicity Joy Solomon is an IFA endorsed candidate. To learn more about her and her campaign for state senator, visit

We need bold, clear-thinking legislators like her in Springfield because we know that she will not be silent when our values are under attack. We are confident that Felicity Joy will defend parental rights, religious liberty, and call out harmful transgender policies and destructive K-12 sex education mandates.

That is why we are pleased to endorse Felicity Joy Solomon. In fact, as the state’s only full time Christian pro-life/pro-family organization, we are proud to endorse the following candidates running for office:

Please make every effort to cast your ballot on or before June 28th to ensure that the best candidates are nominated.

It is important to point out that if conservatives fail to vote in any election, we enable the Left to take the reins of government, which means bigger government and less individual freedom. As you know this is a dangerous proposition, as the Left seems to be moving steadily further out on the left-wing of the political spectrum, and now openly embraces socialism, critical race theory and transgender confusion.

Finally, we need your help! We are asking that everyone who reads this letter commit to praying for the upcoming elections. Pray for God’s mercy on our state and nation. Pray against those ungodly agendas in Washington D.C. and Springfield; may they be completely defeated.