Self Evident: The Podcast

Hail and well met! Welcome to the inaugural episode of Self Evident!

Hosts Jenna, Eliana and Kenna introduce themselves and why they decided to begin a podcast together. They–by discussing and dismantling subjects prevalent in the Western culture–want to make truth self evident again. Their goal is to to make current cultural events and worldview issues relatable to generation z, and point all those listening to the Gospel and what the Bible says.

Listen to their first episode here:


About the Self Evident Hosts

Kenna Rose of @kennarose_official is a Christian conservative speaker who creates videos about worldview issues with Illinois Family Institute. Kenna loves the magic that reading and writing can produce. She is of the opinion that storytelling is a powerful force, and to that end she runs to help Christians be discerning in what we read.

Eliana has a passion for many things, including music, self-defense, animals, aviation, and especially the truth that comes straight out of scripture. She is currently working on a mini-album titled “We’re Almost Home.” You can find updates for that on her website,

Jenna is a candid Christian, Illinois inhabitant, amateur author, passable pianist, buoyant bookworm and current campaigner of a U.S. Congresswoman. She adores athletics, alliteration, and almost any arrangement that gives her an excuse to see Kenna, Alyssa and Eliana. She occasionally publishes on her aptly named site, The Irregular Undómiel.
Alyssa is a follower of Christ currently studying in college for the purpose of becoming a biblical counselor. She is passionate about ministry, mental health, friends, and family. She will be making her debut on Self Evident in an upcoming episode, so stay tuned!

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