SPOTLIGHT: Jed Davis for the 75th

Written by Jenna Smith

This week David Smith and Monte Larrick shine the IFA spotlight on Jed Davis, conservative Republican primary candidate for state representative in the 75th district. Davis is running for office in order to rightly represent the Republican platform and the views and values of the constituents of this newly-drawn district.

In the podcast, Davis explains why he is pro-life without exception. He also addresses Illinois’ extraordinary tax burden and exorbitant fees (“We can’t be the highest taxed state in the nation and constantly be broke”); misguided legislation to legalize more dangerous drugs; overreach on the part of the executive branch of Illinois government, especially in regard to COVID restrictions; and the threat to private education and homeschooling from intrusive government regulation and oversight.

To learn more about Jed Davis, the first candidate endorsed by IFA this political season, and his campaign for the Illinois House, go to You can also find Davis on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at Jed for Freedom. Even if you live outside District 75, you can help to add a truly conservative voice to the Illinois House by donating to the primary campaign and praying that God’s favor would be with Davis.