Public Schools Are Grooming Your Children

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

On April 9, Oklahoma State University hosted a “drag queen story hour” for children as young as 2 years old on its campus. The event was part of the university’s “Pride 2022” celebration. A description for the program stated two drag performers would read books to all attendees and that the drag queen story hour was geared toward children between the ages of 2 to 8, but that “all ages [were] welcome to join in on the fun.”

You read that correctly. A major university, paid for by the good conservative citizens here in the heartland of America, is openly declaring that it is working to groom our children and that they are starting when they are as young as 2 years old.

This nonsense is pervasive across our nation. What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. If it’s happening in Oklahoma, it is happening in your own backyard.

I have told you before of the Chicago Public School District, where they now provide prophylactics to all fifth graders throughout the city’s school system because they “want to make condoms available to students … when they think they need them.”

I’ve told you before of the Arizona Department of Education’s promotion of books and research papers that claim babies as young as three months old “already harbor sexual biases that demand the state’s intervention.”

I’ve told you before of New York City’s Justine Ang Fonte, who proudly defends teaching first graders in Manhattan how to masturbate while at the same time teaching “porn literacy” to juniors at New York’s Columbia Grammar and Prep.

And then there is the National Education Association. I have told you before of this organization’s official declaration at its last annual conference, where its members voted to codify the following: “[We] resolve to develop a study to critique cis-heteropatriarchy …” In other words, the NEA is telling you straight up that they will be teaching your children that two-parent families, traditional morality and heterosexual fidelity should be dismantled and replaced by their neo-Marxist sexual nihilism.

I’ve told you before of Bartlesville Public Schools in my own backyard here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where they now openly promote Toni Morrison’s book, “The Bluest Eye,” which includes a full-page salacious description of a father raping his daughter.

I have repeatedly told you of all of this.

I have also told you of last summer’s production of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, where they sang over and over and over again:

We’ll convert your children. It happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly,

and you will barely notice it.

We’ll convert your children. Yes, we will!

There’s really no escaping it.

We’ll convert your children. We’re coming for them!We’re coming for your children!We’re coming for your children!

We’ll convert your children!

The bottom line is this. Your public schools are grooming your children. This is just a fact. They admit it. They are doing it openly and without apology, and they are starting before your children can even recite their ABCs.

This is not a “QAnon conspiracy,” nor is it the “moral panic” of “homophobic conservatives” who are just “freaking out.” This garbage is real. It is simply and clearly a fact.

But there’s more. Not only are your local schools abusing your sons’ and daughters’ hearts, minds and souls, but they are also abusing their bodies. America’s public schools have become hunting grounds for sexual predators.

This past week, Chris Rufo reported the following: The most comprehensive analysis concerning sexual abuse in America’s public schools (published by the U.S. Department of Education) estimates that nearly 10 percent of K-12 students have been victims of sexual misconduct by a public-school employee.

In case you missed it, Mr. Rufo just shined a light on the ugly fact that our own government is admitting our public schools are sexually abusing 10 percent of your children! That’s more than 4.5 million children nationwide!

In 2014, the Government Accountability Office published a report warning of all this. They said that public-school employees were “grooming students” with the intent to perpetrate future sexual abuse or misconduct. They told us that educators were exhibiting “pattern[s] of grooming behaviors” such as “sexually-charged communication,” aimed at “explicit sexual contact with the child.”

  • Pushing Drag queen story hours for 2-year-olds at Oklahoma State.
  • Distributing condoms to fifth graders in Chicago.
  • Teaching masturbation to first graders in New York.
  • “Fixing” sexual biases of three-month-old babies in Arizona.
  • Critiquing “cis-heteropatriarchy” at the National Education Association.
  • And, readings on salacious incest here in my own backyard of Bartlesville.

Maybe when they tell us, “We’ll convert your children. We’re coming for them! We’re coming for your children! We’re coming for your children!” we should start believing them.

Dr. Everett Piper (, @dreverettpiper), is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” and Grow Up! Life Isn’t Safe But It’s Good, both published by Regnery. This article was originally published by The Washington Times.

Dr. Piper has been a featured speaker in dozens of venues including the Values Voter Summit, the Council for National Policy, the Young American Foundation, the National Congress for Families, and the inaugural ceremony for the United States Department of Health and Human Service’s and Office of Civil Rights creation of a new division for religious freedom. Go here to listen and watch these and/or for more info.