The Dave Rubin Conundrum

Written By Evan O’Bryan

Popular commentator Dave Rubin has stirred up some controversy in a recent tweet. The tweet shows Dave Rubin and his “husband” holding two different sonograms with a sign in the middle that says, “Coming Soon” and gives two dates for “Baby 1” and “Baby 2.” This was the announcement for Dave Rubin and his partner’s attempt at having a child with two different surrogates, one which will carry Rubin’s child and the other which will carry his partner’s child.

Although many conservatives will align with Dave Rubin, he is completely wrong on this major issue. It’s one thing for someone on the Right to accept the concept of gay “marriage”; however, what Dave Rubin is doing is clearly going too far. A child deserves both a mother and a father when growing up, and through Dave Rubin’s perverted version of a family, he is depriving these two children of a mother. It’s just not right for a child to be raised with two mothers or two fathers. Rather, God, , in His infinite wisdom, designed family so that a child would be raised with one mother and one father committed to each other through marriage.  It’s as simple as that.

This could be a simple and short story if conservatives would stick to their principles and values, but that is unfortunately not the case. Rubin’s Twitter post has some comments from prominent conservatives such as Megyn Kelly who said, “WHAT?! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS!!! So happy for you!” and BlazeTV who replied, “Congratulations!!!” along with many other noted conservatives congratulating him and his “husband.” Why are conservatives giving up their values so quickly in the name of Rubin’s “family?” The answer is quite obvious: Dave Rubin is a “conservative,” so not only is criticism supposed to be out of the question, but we also must validate and celebrate this awful choice he has made. But what is the appropriate response in this case? Should we completely ostracize Rubin from the conservative movement, or should we embrace him and the choices he has made? In my opinion, the answer lies between these two extremes.

Obviously, congratulating Dave Rubin is not the way to go in this situation. Sure, he may be on our side, and he may even be helping us in the long run by attracting new people to the conservative movement, but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on what we believe and know to be true just to protect his reputation. While Dave Rubin may help Republicans get support in the long run, that support is not worth it if we have to give up our values in the process. By congratulating Dave Rubin on his purchase of children, you are not only admitting that same-sex couples should have the right to care for children, but you are also validating things such as “gay marriage” and other parts of the Left’s gender ideology. You are also not just tolerating his choices, but you are actively glorifying and celebrating the misguided act that he is participating in.

While Dave Rubin may help put Republicans in office, he corrupts and adulterates (excuse the pun) the conservative movement itself in asking us to give up our bedrock principles. What’s the point in “winning” if we rebel against the Judeo-Christian truths of family to get there? This is exactly what the conservatives who are congratulating Rubin are doing. There is no place for this kind of acceptance in the conservative movement. This may seem a bit rude to say, especially since our modern society has hijacked the Bible’s teaching of true compassion.. Accepting Rubin’s extreme decision is not compassionate; instead, it is the complete opposite since you are harming the children that Rubin and his partner are caring for. You may be having some weird kind of compassion for Rubin and the evil deed he is committing, but you are not having any compassion whatsoever for the children who will be in his care. If Rubin actually has these homosexual feelings, which I don’t doubt, it is sad that he will never be able to have a normal family or have kids in the natural way. But that doesn’t make the act of getting a surrogate and forcing the children to have two dads morally justified.

The other way to approach this situation is to be silent, and I believe that for some people, this is a more than an acceptable thing to do. I don’t think all conservatives are obligated to comment on Dave Rubin’s Twitter post or speak out on social media or on some other platform. We are not forced to speak on every controversy in the public square. However, I do think that prominent conservatives should speak out on this issue. Again, it’s not wrong if they don’t speak out, but I think that it would be better for everyone if they did. Let’s face it. When a popular and respected person like Dave Rubin comes out in support of something so radically opposed to conservative values, we need to make it clear that someone like Rubin is an outcast in this scenario and his opinions should not be mainstream in the conservative community. The best way for this to happen is by having prominent people speak out against what Rubin is doing and making it clear that we do not agree.

Does this mean that we should exclude him from the conservative movement completely and never listen to him again? No, I’m not suggesting that. Rubin still has something of value that he could add to society, and just because he has one opinion that is in contrast with most conservatives, that doesn’t mean that he has no value. Still, we should make it clear to Rubin that we do not agree with his choices and that we will absolutely not be letting his opinions on this subject into mainstream conservatism

This situation with Dave Rubin speaks to a larger issue that many conservatives have. The issue is that many will rally behind someone because they have a couple opinions that we agree with while their other opinions are absolute garbage. For example, singer Nicki Minaj showed lots of vaccine skepticism on her Twitter account, and lots of people rallied behind her, hailing her as some kind of a right-wing hero. This also happened with actress Roseanne Barr when she came out in support of Donald Trump. Both of these celebrities are not conservative in most ways, but since they supported one issue that we care about, many were quick to rally behind them.

We should be careful of Dave Rubin and make sure that we are following him for the right reasons. We should analyze his opinions/lifestyle choices through a Biblical lens, and not shrink back from calling out sin and selfishness, even if it is considered an attack against LGBTQIA political correctness. We have to make sure that we are not just blindly following someone just because they want lower taxes, are pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment, or align with other conservative issues.

Ultimately, Dave Rubin, while I do have some sympathy for him, is doing something that is morally reprehensible, and I am shocked that lots of prominent conservatives are congratulating him. There has been a trend in the Republican party where we are slowly, but surely, heading to the Left as the years pass. We need to stop this, for the good of our party and our nation.

Evan O’Bryan is a high school senior and aspiring political influencer who has been raised in the faith and Christian education since preschool. He is a staunch supporter of Christianity, the MAGA movement, and Conservative ideology. He enjoys challenging the mainstream liberal narrative with those who haven’t yet reached the truth.