Spread The Word Before The ’22 Primary Election

Written by David E. Smith

Last week, I sent an IFA email appeal to our subscribers asking for help to raise $30k for our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign. We don’t have much time before the June 28th Primary Election is upon us. Early voting begins on May 19th, and runs for more than five weeks.

If you believe as I do that Christian conservatives throughout the state should be made aware of which state and federal candidates hold strong pro-family values, please help us.

Direct mail, robo-calls and radio ads are the most efficient and effective ways to reach our targeted audience, but they are not cheap. If we hope to nominate the best, God-fearing, conservative candidates, we must share our endorsements and recommendations far and wide. In this year’s election, that includes state-wide candidates for U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general as well as dozens of local legislative seats.

Left-wing candidates in secure districts are busy raising money in order to help like-minded radical leftist get elected in competitive districts. According to Wikipedia, there are thirteen members of the “Progressive Caucus” in the Illinois House of Representatives.¬†As I was writing this appeal, one of those Progressive Caucus members sent out her own email appeal with a bold graphic that proclaims that she’d “Rather Raise Hell & Keep Changing the World.

The honesty is refreshing. The agenda is not. I hope that the extreme proposals of the left will be sobering. And I pray that they will motivate many more conservatives to get involved.

You will not be surprised that the appeal was initiated by Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), a proud LGBTQIA activist who has sponsored dozens of anti-family, anti-life bills in her decade of malign “service” in the General Assembly. We agree with her own assessment that she and her “progressive” colleagues have been raising hell (and advancing its agenda) in a zealous attempt to redefine America and our values.

They are unquestionable devoted to changing the world. The question remains, are we going to be found as faithful in upholding truth, advocating for righteousness and upholding Biblical values in the public square? Or are we content with handing over the reins of government to secular humanists and atheists, and satisfied with the hellish policies they implement to shape the lives of our children and grandchildren?

With your gift of $30, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even more, you will enable us to reach conservative Christian voters throughout the state to encourage them to not only vote in the primary election but also to vote for candidates who are wise, bold and courageous enough to promote and defend pro-life, pro-family values.

Too many voters wait until the last minute to make up their minds regarding who they will vote for on their ballots. Some just skip the primary election altogether. We want to help them be fully informed about which candidates are the best advocates for innocent pre-born humans, marriage and family, religious freedom, parental rights, and educational freedom.

We want Illinois conservatives to be inspired and energized going into the June 28th election.

Click HERE to go to our secure online giving portal, or feel free to mail a check to:

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Thank you again for your support of our work. We are not able to do this work without your generous financial help.

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