SPOTLIGHT: Pro-Life Pastor Running for Congress as a Democrat

Written by Jenna Smith

Of the seventeen Democrats who have announced their intention to run to fill retiring Congressman Bobby Rush’s first congressional district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Chris Butler is the only pro-life candidate. He joins David Smith, Monte Larrick, and Pastor Ceasar LeFlore for a lively and informative conversation on this week’s Spotlight.

In his interactions with the constituents of the new 1st congressional district, Butler has discovered that the people are ready for something different. He discusses his desire to represent the entire district – politically and geographically – and speaks to the need for diversity of ideas within political parties and government, stating, “We cannot have an America where party affiliation creates an ideological monolith.” Butler also shares his legislative priorities, describes what he terms the “stucktocracy,” and answers questions from the IFI team.

Chris Butler is a pro-life, conservative Democrat who first became interested in politics in middle school. He is a husband, father, and pastor, describing himself as a “life-long advocate for families and communities.” To learn more about his campaign for U.S. Congress, visit