SPOTLIGHT: Counterfeit Justice: The Truth About Critical Race Theory

Written by David E. Smith

As we anticipate our upcoming 2022 Worldview Conference on February 26, this edition of Spotlight takes a look back at the 2021 conference. The focus for last year’s event was Critical Race Theory – a topic that is still very much in the news today. In her presentation, Counterfeit Justice: The Truth About Critical Race Theory, Angela Sailor outlines her opposition to the Marxist ideology movement and offers encouragement and practical suggestions for parents, and all Christians, who are ready to take a stand against federal overreach in education, identity politics, revisionist history and CRT.

Angela Sailor is the former vice president of the Feulner Institute at the Heritage Foundation. Recently, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin appointed Sailor as director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Commonwealth of Virginia. After Sailor’s appointment, the word “opportunity” replaced “equity” in both her title and the name of the office.