SPOTLIGHT: Amy Gehrke of Illinois Right to Life

Written by David E. Smith

Amy Gehrke, Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life, strongly states that “at its heart, Illinois is a pro-life state, that our politicians don’t speak for the will of the people, and, as we say around the Illinois Right to Life office, ‘we firmly believe we can and we will win Illinois for life.’”

On this episode of Spotlight, Amy joins IFI’s David Smith and Monte Larrick to detail the three specific ways Illinois Right to Life is working to change hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. Our guest and hosts discuss recent, disastrous Illinois legislation that allows the abortion industry to flourish in our state, and proposed legislation that would significantly limit pregnancy support centers’ ability to offer live-saving help to women in crisis. Additionally, Amy offers suggestions on how pro-life citizens can stand against abortion now, addresses the growing support for physician assisted suicide, and emphasizes the impact of participating in a 40 Days for Life campaign.

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