Media Ignores Black Conservatives Within GOP

Written by Kristi Shaffer and David E. Smith

Illinois has some exceptional conservative candidates running for office in the upcoming primaries. Citizens concerned with the direction of the state are becoming involved. Leftists, fearing the exit of persons of color from the Democrat Party desperately want voters to believe diversity is missing among the conservative candidates. They are again using identity politics to divide America, hoping to convince voters of the lie that conservatives represent only white America. 

Most conservatives, however, have a lot in common and welcome everyone regardless of race. There are citizens from every racial background that want to pass on conservative and traditional values and beliefs to their children without the government’s interference. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to Democrats and their allies in the media. There is a strategic reason they continue to promote the false narrative that the GOP in general and conservatives specifically are racists.

The media won’t highlight the growing trend of black citizens running for office under the Republican banner throughout the nation and even here in dark blue Illinois. We, however, are happy to highlight this positive trend and celebrate how many people are awakening to the small government principles of the Republican Party.

Many are exiting the Democratic Party after experiencing the tyrannical mandates of unscrupulous Democrats. Many are fed up with crime levels, the pernicious BLM riots, inflation, and the indoctrination of children with critical race theory and “comprehensive” sex education in our schools.

With the Illinois Primary election several months away (June 28th), we are thrilled to see a growing number of black candidates running for the Republican nomination. While their reasons for running may differ, most would agree that over the past several decades, Democratic policy choices have been devastating, especially to inner city families. We applaud their willingness to endure scorn, hate, and ridicule from the Left while conservatives welcome them to the party of Lincoln.

The Candidates

The first team of candidates we’d like to highlight are running for the Republican nomination for governor and lieutenant governor: Max Solomon and Latasha H. Fields. Solomon was born in Nigeria and orphaned at the age of 17, leading him to assume a significant degree of responsibility for his family at a young age. In 1992 he immigrated to the United States and then became a citizen in 1997. Since then he has earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a master’s in Theology, and a J.D. in Law. He is a licensed attorney in Illinois and Indiana and a former Adjunct Professor of Political Science at South Suburban College in Cook County. Mr. Solomon is also an ordained minister in the Celestial Church of Christ, which was founded in Africa in 1947. 

Latasha H. Fields, the candidate for lieutenant governor, has her B.A. in Business Administration from Trinity Christian College. She ministers with her husband at Our Report Ministries & Publications in Chicago. Mrs. Fields has experience in the real estate and property management industries. She is a strong advocate for homeschooling and is involved in and has founded several homeschooling groups. She is currently the state coordinator of and has been engaged in 1776 Unites. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article written by Fields for the Opinion section titled “God, Parents, and ‘the 1619 Project.’” 

Both Solomon and Fields are campaigning on education choice in Illinois. Solomon has also included constitutional pension reform and consolidation of the Illinois government in his platform. They are both Christians that uphold traditional Christian and family values.

On January 17, another conservative black announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination for governor. Mayor Richard Irvin is the first African American to serve as mayor of Aurora. His recent campaign introduction has been tainted by his Democratic voting affiliation and by rumors that his campaign will be funded by establishment and RINO tycoons. His running mate is State Representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield, who has served as an Assistant Republican Leader under Leader Jim Durkin‘s super-minority tenure at the Capitol.

Irvin served in the U.S. Army during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Receiving his B.A. from Robert Morris University and his J.D. from Northern Illinois University School of Law, he practiced law in Illinois. He was also an adjunct professor at Robert Morris University and Northern Illinois University.

Illinois State Senator Darren Bailey from Louisville has fast become the grassroots favorite. Bailey has traveled up and down the state campaigning for months. On December 13th, his campaign announced that conservative activist Stephanie Trussell would be his running mate. Stephanie grew up on the west side of Chicago, born to a teenage single mother. She previously worked as a conservative talk show host on both WLS and then on WIND radio in Chicago. A strong pro-life Christian, she has been involved in helping conservative candidates run for office. The Bailey campaign platform prioritizes lowering Illinois taxes, protecting 2nd Amendment rights, and upholding the right to life for preborn human beings.

In the race for U.S. Senate, Peggy Hubbard has thrown her hat into the primary arena along with four other candidates seeking the Republican nomination to face off against incumbent Tammy Duckworth. Her website defines her as “a Navy Veteran, former police officer, Harley Davidson enthusiast, and a Republican who boldly speaks the truth.” Born in St. Louis, Hubbard, like Trussell, was raised by a single mother. According to her website, she is pro-life and an early supporter of Donald Trump.

Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Another black candidate running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate is Jimmy Lee Tillman II. He is an Academy Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and a Heritage Action for America Sentinel. He is active with the America First Policy Institute and Black Voices for Trump.

Tillman is also an author, historian, and Jimmy Lee Underground Radio Network producer. He founded the Martin Luther King Republicans in 2008, the most prominent black republican organization in the Midwest, that has helped increase the number of black voters and candidates by promoting conservative principles and deliberate outreach.

He is a graduate of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, the son of world famous musician and educator Dr. Jimmy Tillman and former Chicago alderman and civil rights veteran, Dorothy Wright Tillman. He is a father of three and grandfather of one.

When it comes to the races for the U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois is losing one seat, bringing us down to 17 congressional seats. With Chicago, Cook County and the collar counties being the population center of the state, it could be argued that Republicans will only be competitive in four or five districts. Challenging that notion is Geno Young from the south side of Chicago. Mr. Young is running for the Republican nomination for the first congressional district, which has been held by left-wing Democrat Bobby Rush for three decades.

Frederick Walls

In south Cook County and into the southern suburbs, we have Frederick Walls from Crete who is running for state representative in the 34th District. This seat is currently held by incumbent State Representative Nicholas Smith, another left-wing Democrat from Chicago.

Walls is a Christian husband and devoted father of four children. He is a graduate of The Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters’ Apprentices and Training Program (CRCC), and has been a carpenter for 13 years. He is a man of deep faith who pastored the World Church in Dolton, Illinois for 18 months. He strongly opposes tax increases and the sexualization of children in public schools. He is committed to fighting against discrimination and totalitarian laws. And he will work hard to secure education choice and uphold parental rights.

A Winning Platform

Conservative candidates are diverse, but this reality has not garnered attention from mainstream media. Similarly, the voters supporting these candidates are more racially diverse with each election. In 2020 President Trump had a 6 percent rise in black men who voted for him over the election in 2016. He also saw an increase of 5 percent among Hispanic women. More minorities are looking to conservatives because they promote policies that support the values and principles of minority groups. The dishonest leftist effort to portray Republicans as bigots is failing. Blacks and Hispanics can see whose ideas will help their communities.

Perhaps in the future, instead of focusing on identity politics, we can focus on the accomplishments and policies of the candidates. It is time to find the strongest leaders for Illinois–people who will uphold the U.S. Constitution and lead in a godly fashion, thereby promoting traditional values that all conservatives support regardless of race.

Take ACTION: Please pray for these candidates and those running in your area as we approach the primary election, which will be held on June 28th. If you have not registered to vote, please click HERE to register online. You must live in your district for at least 30 days to register to vote in that district. Prayerfully consider each candidate as you decide how to cast your ballot. Let us all pray that God will use this election to bring strong leaders to Illinois to support traditional pro-family values.