SPOTLIGHT: Pastor Randy Blan’s Vision for Reclaiming Education

Written by Jenna Smith

While most Illinois schoolchildren are currently enjoying Christmas break, David Smith and Monte Larrick are exploring a viable alternative to government schools. This week on Spotlight, Pastor Randy Blan of Families of Faith Church in Channahon, Illinois joins David and Monte to discuss the school he and his church started in 2005 – Families of Faith Christian Academy. Pastor Blan begins by addressing Common Core, the alienation of parents in the educational process, and the recent emergence of significant learning gaps in Illinois students.

In our second segment, Pastor Blan discusses his vision and goal to expand Families of Faith schools throughout Illinois. He also speaks about the primary goal of a Families of Faith school, nuts-and-bolts details such as tuition, start-up costs, and parental involvement, and GRACE (Gracefully Reclaiming A Conservative Education) Association. As the podcast concludes, Pastor Blan covers school choice and Christian trade schools, and issues a call to action to churches everywhere.

To learn more about Families of Faith Christian Academy, click here.

For more information about GRACE Association or to contact Pastor Blan, click here.