SPOTLIGHT: How a Liberal Theologian Became a Christian…

Written by David E. Smith

…and Is Now Working to Transform the Lives of Offenders.

Our Thanksgiving week Spotlight features an interview Monte Larrick conducted with Dr. Eddie Kornegay at the 2021 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Texas. Dr. Kornegay describes his transformation from a highly educated, liberal and unbelieving theologian to a born-again follower of Jesus. You won’t want to miss his salvation story!

Dr. Kornegay is affiliated with Living Word Center in Forest Park, IL and is the director of R.I.S.E. (Restoring Inheritance Stewarding Excellence), a prison and ex-offender ministry. Larrick  and Dr. Kornegay discuss R.I.S.E.’s initiatives and programs that offer practical help and biblical hope for life inside and outside of prison as well as new life in Christ. Additionally, Dr. Kornegay shares his thoughts regarding cashless bail, increasing drug use, and the Church’s response to ex-offenders as they re-enter society.

To learn more about the ministry of R.I.S.E., please click here or call 773-622-5701.