SPOTLIGHT: Anni Cyrus Urges Us to “Live Up To Freedom”

Written by Jenna Smith

Illinois Family Spotlight is pleased to welcome human rights activist, Anni Cyrus, to this week’s podcast. A former child bride who escaped a desperate and violent situation in Iran, Cyrus is now a U.S. citizen and an ardent advocate for freedom. She embraces the Constitution and believes that “We the People” must speak out and unite with like-minded individuals in order to preserve the practice of our God-given rights and freedoms.

In their conversation, Monte Larrick and Ms. Cyrus discuss vaccine mandates and masking, the consequences of Biden’s actions regarding Afghanistan, and Iran’s goal to destroy Israel. Ms. Cyrus talks about the mission of Live Up To Freedom and their humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan as well as their work to save women and children in the U.S. from Sharia law. Believing that educated citizens are vital to stopping the advance of Sharia law and the Islamization of America, Cyrus offers questions to pose to political candidates, ways to stand against public school indoctrination, and tips on how to interact with Muslim neighbors.

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Anni Cyrus is the founder of Live Up To Freedom. Click here to learn more. She also is a producer of a weekly broadcast talk show, The Glazov Gang, available through Rumble.


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