Uphold Our Civil Liberties!

Written by David E. Smith

Truth is vitally important to Christians like me (Proverbs 23:23; John 14:6), and I am adamantly convinced that our political leaders are exaggerating where we are (and have been) with this COVID pandemic. It may be cynical of me to say this, but many of them seem to be taking advantage of the situation in order to use it to their own political advantage(s). The media, academia, medical establishments and corporate America have also fallen in line with the hyperbolic narrative.

We must consider the facts of this situation. If there have been 43,230,703 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with 703,538 confirmed deaths, simple math tells us that the recovery rate is over 98 percent.

We are well past the “level the curve” hysteria of 2020. We have learned how to treat this virus, and what population groups need to take special precautions. It is time to stop the fear mongering, executive orders and tyrannical mandates. It is time to restore and uphold our individual civil liberties!