SPOTLIGHT: Parental Notice, Right of Conscience, and Maps

Written by Jenna Smith

Money, power, and control – it seems that this trio are at the root of most of the decisions, directives, and policies in Illinois. In their conversation at the recent Illinois Conservative Union conference, Monte Larrick and current State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey discuss several issues where the desire for power and wealth appears to be blinding our legislators to the express will of their constituents.

Larrick and Bailey specifically address proposed Illinois Senate Floor amendments to the Parental Notice of Abortion Act (HB 3173_ and the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act (SB 1169), as well as the Democrats’ self-serving remap efforts. In light of the upcoming elections, Senator Bailey especially urges Christians, and all concerned citizens, to firmly and respectfully communicate their opposition by calling their elected officials at both their Springfield and local offices.

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