SPOTLIGHT: Nick Richmond and The Freedom Initiative

Written by Jenna Smith

This week’s Spotlight features David Smith’s exclusive interview with Nick Richmond, the founder and president of Freedom Initiative. Nick shares how a late-blooming interest in politics and America’s founding documents led to his desire to want to protect and preserve our God-given freedoms for his children and for others. This desire is reflected in Freedom Initiative’s mission to be “in the boundless pursuit of preserving freedoms . . . to amplify concerns, educate and instill fundamental values in our growing community of parents, business owners, medical professionals and more.”

In the second half of the podcast, David and Nick consider who’s in control of the federal government, possible ways to ensure election integrity, and the ongoing overreach of Governor J.B.  Pritzker. They also discuss previous Freedom Initiative events and preview the latest event that will take place on October 20th in Rolling Meadows, IL.

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