PODCAST: The Brave New World of Sex Education

Written by Jenna Smith

In regard to presenting students with the best alternative to the radical comprehensive sex education taught in government schools, Scott Phelps, Executive Director of Abstinence & Marriage Education Partnership states, “When we maintain a very clear and distinct message from all the noise that they’re hearing in the culture, the message really pops; it stands out and they’re able to hear it and see it very clearly.”

On this edition of Spotlight, Monte Larrick and Phelps compare government schools’ comprehensive sex ed that normalizes and encourages sexual activity and unhealthy behavior to Abstinence & Marriage Education Partnership’s reasoned and positive approach to sex ed that emphasizes the many benefits of abstinence until marriage. Phelps discusses the restrictions schools face if they choose to utilize comprehensive sex ed curricula, opt-out obstacles, and proactive steps parents and concerned citizens can take to protect kids from Illinois SB 818.

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