SPOTLIGHT: You Shall Not Bake Cake And SCOTUS Packing

Written by David E. Smith

This week, Illinois Family Spotlight focuses on current issues regarding religious freedom and the U.S. judicial system. To start the podcast, Monte Larrick interviews well-known Colorado baker and cake artist, Jack Phillips and general counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Kristen Waggoner.

Phillips describes the persecution and targeting he has endured at the hands of the LGBT faction in his ongoing battle for religious freedom within the context of his business. In discussing the work of ADF, Waggoner speaks to the disturbing trend of “weaponization of our justice system to silence and to ruin people” who hold to different views regarding marriage and gender.

The second half of the podcast features a conversation with Monte and Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute. Shackelford discusses politicization of the judicial branch of government, the dangerous consequences of court packing, and President Biden’s presidential commission focused on Supreme Court reform.

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