SPOTLIGHT: Classical Options And Hybrid Education

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this installment of Spotlight, David Smith is joined by Jennifer Burns, founder of Classical Consortium Academy. Jennifer shares how her initial experience with homeschooling and “car-schooling” led her to start H.E.A.R.T. (Homeschool Enrichment Achieved Respectfully Together) at the Village Church of Barrington. As God laid it on her heart to homeschool, He also led her in 2006 to take another step of obedience and found Classical Consortium Academy, a hybrid school that offers in-person instruction several days per week, paired with CCA-directed and parent- administered at-home learning.

Jennifer describes the hallmarks of a classical Christian education, and she and David discuss the benefits of the classical model, parental involvement in the educational process, and the godly foundation which undergirds the teaching of math, science, HIS-story, and other academic subjects. While CCA’s upper-level curriculum is considered college preparatory and many students do go on to attend college, Jennifer stresses that the goal of the academy is to equip students for whatever work the Lord has in store for them.

To learn more about Classical Consortium Academy, click HERE and HERE.

Jennifer Burns can be contacted at or through the CCA website.

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