SPOTLIGHT: It’s Not Education, It’s Perversion

Written by Benjamin Smith

Kirk Smith, executive director of Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE), wonders what will be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back – the backs of Christian parents, even the backs of moral, non-Christian parents – when it comes to deciding to leave the cesspool of government schools? Will it be the recently passed legislation that requires availability of feminine hygiene products in both female and male school restrooms or will it be the mandate to teach hardcore sex education to public school students as early as kindergarten?

At the recent ICHE convention at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Monte Larrick and Kirk Smith met to discuss the perverted indoctrination that passes for education in Illinois public schools and the need for every voter in the state to be informed on the “wokey” ideology and proposals that negatively affect not just students, but our entire state. As a homeschooling father of eleven, Kirk details various ways to approach home education, the variety and high quality of homeschool curriculum, and the role that grandparents and churches can play in facilitating homeschooling. He also addresses a common concern of parents – how to teach a child a subject that is beyond one’s ability (hint: it’s usually calculus or physics). Even if you’re a homeschool veteran, you will benefit from the wisdom and advice in this conversation.

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