SPOTLIGHT: Home Educated Teens Say They’ve Been “Properly Indoctrinated”

Written by Benjamin Smith

If you are reading this, the chances are pretty good that you know a homeschool family or two–or may be homeschooled yourself. Christian homeschooling in Illinois is a thing mostly because Illinois is surprisingly a rather free state for parents to train their children at home.

In the IFA Spotlight this week to reflect on their homeschool experience are two home-high school graduates and one home-high school senior: Jenna Smith, a daughter of IFA Executive Director David Smith, and Kenna and Eliana Hartian, daughters of IFA board chairman Richard Hartian. David Smith and Rich Hartian moderate the three merry ladies and interact with them about their homeschooling experience.

Commenting on the first part of the three part series, Jenna blithely pointed out:

We had a marvelous time addressing the myths of homeschooling, and, judging by the reactions on our fathers’ faces, pulled no punches when it came to uncomfortable tidbits of truth.

The theme of the show is “proper indoctrination,” because indoctrination is an inescapable concept–the question is not whether children will be indoctrinated, but rather what the content of their indoctrination will be.

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